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What Can You Do in Kryvyi Rih?

1. February 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

According to local legend, Kryvyi Rih (or Krivoy Rog in Russian) was founded by a crooked (Ukrainian slang for one-eyed) Cossack named Rih. However, early records suggest the name, which translates to “crooked horn” or “crooked cape,” was chosen due to the shape of the landmass formed by the merging of the river Saksagan into the Inhulets.


Today, the town is arguably the main steel industry city of Eastern Europe, but there are still several sights to see if you’re in the area visiting hot Ukrainian women.


Bohdan Khmelnytsky Park

Take a ride on the giant Ferris wheel or any of the other amusement rides at this Park of Culture and Recreation. There are several stunning statues and monuments to admire as well as fountains, including the largest and most beautiful fountain in the whole city.



Pravda Park

Named in honor of the Soviet newspaper Pravda, this park is a popular romantic place for many residents of Krivoy Rog. There are lots of old arches, beautiful bridges, and the famous boat station; all which offer beautiful views of the rivers Saksagan and Ingulets.


Ostrich Land

Most Ukrainian ladies love animals so much that you shouldn’t have trouble finding one to accompany you to Ostrich Land. The farm has more than just ostriches such as sheep, donkeys, and llamas. Activities include fishing, barbequing, swimming, sunbathing, and steam bathing. You can even rent a small wooden cabin if you want to spend the night and explore the farm an extra day.


Shale Rocks

Natural phenomena are always remarkable to see in person so swing by the right bank of Saksagan River to survey the Shale Rocks of all different sizes and colors.


Memory Clock

In honor of the 66th anniversary of the liberation of Ukraine, a Memory Clock was constructed which displays the names of Kryvyi Rih heroes who lost their lives fighting for freedom.


Floral Clock

With a diameter of 22 meters (72 feet), Kryvyi Rih’s floral clock is one of the biggest in the world. It’s made from 22,000 flowers of six different species and chimes hourly. Plus, it lights up at night.



Are you dating any Ukrainian girls who live in or near this city? Mention these places and ask if they would suggest additional attractions to check out during your vacation.


Photos: Wikipedia, ukrainetrek.com