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What Did Your Ukrainian Lady See Over the Weekend?

20. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Love the movies? If you’ve hit the theaters lately, you and your Ukrainian sweetie could have another great topic of conversation. Check out some of the most popular films in Ukraine and Russia below:


Iron Man 3

The third film in the Iron Man series is just as popular in the FSU as it is in the states. The film has already made nearly $40 million in Russia and an additional $3 million in Ukraine.


Legend No. 17

If your lady is a hockey fan, chances are she’s gone to see Legend No. 17. This biopic tells the story of Valery Khalramov, one of the best hockey players in history, and his coach, Anatoly Tarasov. Legend No. 17 has been one of the top box office hits in Russia since its release in April.



The star-power of Ukrainian beauty Olga Kurylenko undoubtedly plays a part in the popularity of the sci-fi adventure film Oblivion. She stars beside Tom Cruise in this futuristic film.


Spring Breakers

The wild vacation movie featuring former child stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens has just come to the FSU theaters, and it is a hit. It looks like folks in Ukraine and Russia are anxious for summer bikini season to start, too!


 The Croods

This animated 3D movie from DreamWorks has proven popular in both Russia and Ukraine. This is not surprising, as the studio’s fanciful films have always been a hit in the FSU. In fact, they are even building DreamWorks amusement parks in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.


Amour & Turbulences

This French romantic film (also known as Love Is in the Air) puts two former lovers in an awkward position: they wind up seated next to one another on a packed 7 hour Atlantic flight. It has been a popular pick in Ukraine since its release a month ago. 

Photo: alexsaes