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What Do Russian Brides Want in a Man?

25. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered exactly what Russian brides are looking for in the gentlemen who court them? We’ve read countless Russian ladies’ profiles and testimonials from happy couples to get the answers. A few of the top traits:



Russian and Ukrainian ladies are open to dating older gentlemen in part because they are more likely to be stable. Russian ladies want men who are stable in their careers, and in their personal lives. Many Russian ladies wish to be stay-at-home mothers and raise children, and a good provider is necessary for that.



It can take a good deal of time to get your Russian bride home to spend your lives together. And, inter-cultural relationships take some effort if they are going to work. Russian ladies want men who have the patience and dedication to go for the long haul.



Russian ladies like gentlemen who speak and listen respectfully. They enjoy men who act chivalrously. When corresponding with a Russian lady, speak respectfully to her. Do not make demands, or use rough language. She will respond best to those who treat her like a lady.


Care in Their Appearance

Russian ladies work out regularly to keep themselves in top shape. They carefully choose flattering clothing, and are fastidious about grooming. And, they appreciate a dedication to looking good from their gentlemen, as well. You don’t need to be an Adonis. But, choosing quality clothes that fit well, and taking care to look neat and put together are things that your Russian lady will love.


A Dash of Romance

When you are courting Russian ladies, romantic gestures count for a lot. Remember special dates. Let her know when she looks especially lovely. She will be flattered and pleased that you notice the work that she put into her appearance.


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