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What Do Russian Women Think of International Dating Sites?

17. September 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

In the West, international dating has a somewhat scandalous reputation thanks to unflattering myths, stereotypes, and the occasional headline-making horror story. This may cause men who are interested in Russian women shy away from international sites because they’re afraid about what others might think. However, Russian dating doesn’t have nearly the same stigma in Eastern Europe as it does in the West, and Russian women aren’t ashamed to look for love abroad.

Russian and Ukrainian women join international dating sites to meet foreign men and possibly their future husband. Several ladies on HRB have friends or family members who found love abroad, and the women naturally want to duplicate their loved one’s success. Many ladies also enjoy the camaraderie found at introduction agencies, where women share tips on chatting with foreign men and form lasting friendships. To the women of Eastern Europe, Russian dating is a fun form of online dating, not some shady underworld full of thieves and scammers.

The majority of Russian dating critics object to services like HRB because they believe men can literally buy Russian women. However, this just isn’t true. The ladies of HRB know they’re not a commodity to be bought or sold, so Russian dating isn’t a shameful, shocking endeavor. In fact, many Russian women have never heard the term “mail order bride” and would be horrified to know that many Westerners think of them that way. 

What do Russian women think of international dating sites? They think such services are a fun and unique way to meet Western men and possibly their future husband. The ladies know they’re not for sale and are free to chat and flirt with whoever they choose. If only everyone thought of Russian dating this way.