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What Do Ukrainian Ladies Think of Norway?

2. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

It can seem as if the US and UK are the only destinations for Ukrainian and Russian brides. However, while a large proportion of the gentlemen seeking love come from those countries, there are a number of other places that FSU ladies would love to live, as well. What do Ukrainian ladies think about Norway?


According to one internet survey, Norway ranked in the top 20 places that Ukrainian ladies would like to live. Many Ukrainian ladies commented on Norway’s natural beauty. Norway is a popular vacation destination for Ukrainians, and many ladies say that they wish to visit someday. A couple thousand Norwegian tourist visas are granted to Ukrainians every year.


In one online discussion, many Ukrainian ladies admitted a perception that the weather in Norway was cold. However, they were all pleased to learn that, especially in southern Norway, temperatures are comparable to those in Ukraine.


Other Ukrainian ladies said that they like the fact that Norwegians are as passionate about football as Ukrainians. As anyone who watched the summer Euro tournament in Ukraine knows, Ukrainians are serious about football.


Some say that Norway makes them think of handsome blonds and fresh fish, as fish is one of the most common imports to Ukraine from Norway. Fishing trips are also the most popular vacation for Ukrainians visiting Norway. Still other ladies commented on Norway’s beautiful fjords, and famous artists like Edvard Munch.


No matter where you live, however, there is a more important consideration. About three-quarters of Ukrainian girls said in a recent survey that they aren’t concerned with which country their prospective husband comes from – they judge based on compatibility and the quality of the relationship. Find the right lady for you, and the two of you can make it work.