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What Do Ukrainian Women and Mexican Men Have in Common?

16. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Some people think that the only men who are interested in hot Russian brides live in the United States but these ladies are so desirable that guys around the globe go online to meet their matches.


When thinking about the majority of men living in Mexico and the lovely ladies of Ukraine, some commonalities can be noted that could make these two a perfect pair.


Now these facts may not be entirely accurate for everyone from these incredibly cultured countries of course, but they could serve as stimulating conversation starters.


They enjoy homemade cuisine

Whether you enjoy tacos and quesadillas or borscht and varenyky, both Mexican and Ukrainian cuisine is fresh and full of flavor. The ingredients are often homegrown and the meals are homemade.


They are superstitious

Breaking mirrors and opening umbrellas inside are common superstitions that these countries share with many others, but Mexicans and Ukrainians believe in several more that are steeped in tradition. Ukrainian women can tell you about dozens of love and romance superstitions, while there are a number of superstitions regarding the rooster in Mexico.


They are big proponents of holidays and traditions

Both countries certainly do not lack in traditions and celebrations of holidays. New Year’s Eve, Easter, and Independence Day are largely celebrated occasions in Ukraine and Mexico, with lots of eating, drinking, singing, dancing, parades and fireworks.


They have strong family values

It’s not uncommon to see extended families living in the same household in both Ukraine and Mexico. Strong family values are instilled early in life and nothing is more important than taking care of the family until one begins raising their own.


They love football

Mexico and Ukraine also share one sport as the most popular: football. Several Mexican football players have even gone on to join Ukrainian clubs. The sport is popular with hot Russian brides as well. They named football their third favorite sport after swimming and tennis.


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