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What Do You Expect of Russian Dating?

2. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Men come to Russian dating sites with a variety of expectations, some realistic, others not so much. What do you expect to find on HotRussianBrides.com?


A Whirlwind Courtship?

International dating is attractive to some men because they believe it offers a short cut to love and marriage. These men often forgo the traditional methods of courtship with hopes of finding a bride right away. They might propose in the first few emails, for example, or book a trip to Ukraine without checking with a special lady first. This is a big mistake. While some Russian dating courtships are indeed very fast, it’s unlikely you’ll find a bride in a matter of weeks no matter how much you try to rush things.


A Perfect Partner?

There are two skewed views of the Russian dating industry – one held by critics who think sites like HRB are glorified mail order bride services, and one held by fans who think Russian dating sites are full of beautiful women who are always happy and eager to please and make for perfect partners for Western men. The problem is, no woman is perfect, and men who go into Russian dating expecting a fairytale romance will end up disappointed. While international dating is fun, exciting, and full of magic moments, there will still be ups and downs and the ladies of HRB aren’t fantasy creatures.


An Indirect Mail Order Bride?

Though most men know Russian dating sites don’t literally sell mail order brides, there are some men who think they can indirectly buy a bride, be it through membership fees, expensive gifts, or sending the ladies cash. Some men reason that because they pay to use Russian dating services and the ladies do not, the women are obliged to chat and flirt with interested men and marry fellows who spend a significant amount of cash. However, this isn’t how Russian dating works. Membership fees do not buy a woman’s time or attention, and it certainly doesn’t buy her hand in marriage.

Don’t fall victim to common Russian dating myths. The women of HRB are not perfect, they’re not for sale, and they won’t marry a man they just met online. The best way to find a match is to take your time and keep a level head.