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What Do the Men and Women on HotRussianBrides Do for Fun?

12. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Over the last few days, we have shared HotRussianBrides’ recent match up survey results to help male members better understand Russian and Ukrainian women and improve their chances of finding a bride. So far, we’ve covered everything from relationship deal-breakers, kissing preferences, a belief in soul mates, the importance of common interests, and more. Be sure to check out the results if you haven’t already!


In the survey, we listed 7 free time activities and asked over 3,000 members which activity they found the most entertaining. The choices were reading a book, watching a movie, watching a play, going to a concert, going to a sporting event, participating in a protest, and relaxing at the pool or beach. Interestingly, just as the men and women on HotRussianBrides enjoy the same date activities, they also prefer spending their free time in similar ways. Here are the results.



Relaxing at the Pool or Beach

By far, the most popular activity among the ladies is relaxing at the pool or the beach. 36% of the women surveyed found this to be the most entertaining option, while 25% of the men agreed. When visiting a special lady in Russia or the Ukraine, take a break from hectic dates and sightseeing and spend an afternoon relaxing at a beautiful beach or peaceful pool.  If that doesn’t do it for you, try taking a nice walk along the beach (the most popular date activity among both men and women).


Going to a Concert

The second most popular choice among the ladies is going to a concert. 20% of the ladies and 19% of the men chose this common pastime. Attending a concert with a woman from our site is a great way to enjoy Russian or Ukrainian music, share your own musical tastes, and learn more about a lady’s preferences. Even if you’re not big into music, going to a concert is fun if you’re with someone special, not to mention relaxing and romantic.


Watching a Movie

The most popular activity among the surveyed men is watching a movie. 27% of men chose this option as compared to 14% of the ladies. Everyone likes getting lost in a great film so don’t hesitate to treat your lady to a movie or, better yet, rent a flick and snuggle up on the couch. Russia and the Ukraine have released many great films, many which are available with English subtitles. If you can't find one, practice learning Russian instead. Don’t let the foreign language intimidate you. 

In general, the Russian women and Western men on HotRussianBrides are most entertained by relaxing at the pool or beach, going to a concert, and watching a movie. Having common interests is important, and as our match up survey reveals, the men and women on our site may have more in common than they think.