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What Doesn’t Work in Russian Dating

28. April 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Now that you know what know what works in Russian dating, here are a few tips on things to avoid.


Rushing the Process

Many gentlemen are attracted to Russian dating because they believe it’s a shortcut to marriage. However, attempting to rush through the Russian dating process is not a good idea. Despite myths claiming otherwise, the ladies of HotRussianBrides are not desperate to leave their hometowns and they won’t marry any man who asks. Gentlemen must still make an effort to be charming and polite and they must still spend time getting to know prospective matches. Proposing marriage in the first few emails or insisting on exclusivity after a few days only makes the ladies feel uncomfortable. Don’t rush! Relax, have fun, and give the process a chance. 


Scam Accusations

No one likes being accused of wrongdoing, especially when accusations are only based upon rumors and heresy. It may be difficult, but if you want to have a good shot at finding a match on HotRussianBrides.com you must let go of scam fears and give the ladies a chance. Obsessing over scam rumors and questioning a lady about every little thing is only a recipe for failure.


Little Effort

It takes time and effort to find a match online and this especially true when a potential match lives thousands of miles away. If you want to find a Russian bride you must make Russian dating a priority and dedicate time to finding and getting to know potential matches. While busy work schedules, family commitments, and the tasks of day-to-day living can be distracting, it’s important to make time for international dating.