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What HRB's Photos Reveal About Russian Women

15. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

One of the great things about HotRussianBrides.com is our collection of stunning photos. Most of the ladies upload three to five profile pics apiece, and with nearly 10,000 women looking for love on HRB, that makes for a lot of images! If a picture’s worth a thousand words, Hot Russian Brides speaks volumes, but exactly what do our photos say?

Russian Women Love Nature

A good portion of our photos feature ladies in outdoor settings. Whether it’s a favorite park or waterfront area, many women enjoy taking photos outdoors. Beach shots are particular popular, though the changing seasons bring shots of fall foliage or crisp white snow.


Russian Women Enjoy Dressing Up

The women of HRB love to look their best and enjoy going all out for their profile pics. Many ladies pose in colorful dresses or flirty skirts, though bikinis and lingerie are also common. Whatever the attire, you can always count on the ladies having perfectly styled hair and flawless makeup. Can you blame them? On a site with nearly 10,000 women, it’s important to catch a potential match’s eye.


Russian Women Are Talented

Many ladies incorporate hobbies and work into their profile pics, and as the photos reveal, the women of HRB are very talented. Some women pose with guitars or microphones, while others dance for the camera or participate in a sport. Talent photos are a quick and easy way to discover a lady’s passions and what makes her tick.


Russian Women Are Quirky

Many women on HRB have fun and quirky photos that display their unique personalities. Some singles don’t care for quirky pics, while others find them interesting and endearing. If you’re hoping to meet a match unlike any other, try chatting up a lady with unique profile pics.



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