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What Kind of Flowers Should You Get Your Hot Russian Woman?

9. October 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Russian Lady with Flowers

What kind of flowers you are going to want to purchase for your new hot Russian lady depends a lot on what occasion you are buying them for.

Give Her Flowers with Her Birthday Present

Flowers are a great gift to give on her birthday, but make sure that you have another gift to go a long with them, as it is not polite to give flowers alone. It is also not polite to not give her flowers at all for her big birthday celebration. Any type of flower is likely to bring a smile to her face. But please remember to follow proper Russian protocol by giving her flowers neatly arranged in a vase, rather than bunched up in tissue paper.

Don’t Forget the Holidays

Flowers will further add a nice touch to any holiday gift that you give your lady. They are especially a good touch to add to a New Year’s celebration on Jan. 1, and would likely be appreciated by your future hot Russian bride, since often times people take weeks to prepare for the holiday. Flowers in white and gold colors are most appropriate. You may want to try giving her a Goldenrod, which represents treasure and good fortune. Or, you can always give your hot Russian woman white lilies, which signifies purity, majesty and virginity.

Christmas is another great occasion to give flowers. However, keep in mind that some Russians celebrate this holiday on Jan. 7, due to the holiday being reinstated after the fall of the Soviet Union. So be sure to show her that you really do care by taking the time to follow her country’s long standing traditions by sending her flowers on Jan. 7. Traditional Russian Christmas colors include red, blue, or green. A classy choice for Christmas is always red Poinsettias, which represent good cheer. And if you want to steal a kiss, don’t forget the green Mistletoe, which represents your love and affection. Or, if you would like to make a more subtle statement, you can always give your hot Russian lady blue violets, which in Russia represents both simplicity and modesty.

Get on Her Good Side by Remembering Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an especially important day to give flowers to your new future Russian bride, if you have full intentions of winning her heart. Although the holiday has not been celebrated for as long as it has been in America, it is still an important holiday to remember. On this day, gentleman should give his sexy Russian woman traditional red roses, which have been the flower to signify a man’s love throughout time.

Stay on Her Good Side by Remembering Women’s Day

If you forget Valentine’s Day, which I certainly hope you won’t, you may be able to redeem yourself on March 8. In Russia, March 8 is Woman’s Day, and it is absolutely essential that if a man wants to show his sincere devotion towards his hot Russian woman, he buy her flowers. Luckily, he has more to choose from here than on Valentine’s Day, seeing as anything from traditional roses to a variety of spring flowers are appropriate to give. Since this holiday takes place in the spring time, you may want to buy your Russian lady some Tulips. Specifically, Red tulips given to a lady in Russia are a declaration of your love.

What Flowers to Bring For a Wedding

Do you have a wedding party to attend with your new hot Russian lover? Make sure that the flowers are of a cream color to signify wedding colors, if you are responsible for bringing the center piece. If you are the lucky groom, make sure that the person buying her bouquet knows that these flowers should be cream in color to signify traditional wedding colors as well!

Good luck guys! And don’t forget to give your future hot Russian bride flowers on all important occasions.