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What Kinds of Men Seek Love Abroad?

16. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Ukrainian redhead LisavaWhile each gentleman who engages in international dating has his own unique motivations, as a group, international daters have more in common than one might think. Men who look online for international relationships are more comfortable with new technology, are more likely to have traveled and are wealthier than the general population.


They Are Higher Earners

According to one recent study, gentlemen who are international daters earn twice as much as those who cast a net that only includes their local area. Because of the costs associated with introduction agencies and eventual international travel, international dating can cost a bit more than looking locally. However, gentlemen attuned to the benefits of looking for love abroad know that these costs are an investment that can help them find the sort of women that they want. 


They Are Technically Savvy

Gentlemen who know their way around technology soon learn one of the most important advantages of dating online: each gentleman can carefully craft his search to find specifically the sort of woman he desires.


And, that search is not bound by geography: he is not forced to wait to find a lady who shares his values and who wants the same things out of life that he does in his local area. He can expand his net to include every corner of the world.


So, it is not surprising to learn that gentlemen who seek love abroad are also those unafraid of new technology and who know how to navigate it.


They Are Better Traveled

A sense of adventure and a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone are prerequisites for membership in the international dating world. And so, gentlemen who are international daters are more likely to hold a passport and to have traveled abroad. A gentleman cannot wait for the perfect woman to wander across his path at home. The international dater knows that, to find what he wants, he must take the initiative and go abroad. 


They Are Well-Educated and Intellectually Curious

When dating outside one’s home country, an interest in and the ability to navigate cultural differences is a must. International daters rise to this challenge with enthusiasm, eagerly learning foreign languages and customs. 


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