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What Makes Ukrainians Most Happy?

17. December 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Recently, sociologists in Ukraine conducted a survey to determine how happy Ukrainians are, and what people there considered most important to their happiness. The answer to what made Ukrainian ladies and gentlemen most happy would not surprise those familiar with the culture there. According to most surveyed, being in a happy romantic relationship makes them most happy. This was closely followed by close relationships with family, and then friends.


Family is very important in Ukrainian culture. Often, multiple generations will live together or at least live near one another. This allows them to help one another out when needed, and provides companionship and strong family ties. The arrangement harkens back to life in Ukrainian villages, when farms were worked together and grandparents often took a large role in raising children. To this day, family has a strong influence. When you go to meet your Ukrainian sweetheart, you will most likely be invited to meet her family, as well. While they generally don’t have veto power over who she will date, they do have a strong influence; getting along with them is a key to having a successful relationship with her.


As for the rest of the facts about Ukrainian happiness: about 63% of Ukrainians consider themselves very happy. Besides family and friends, good health, financial stability, and opportunities for the future are all things that help make for Ukrainian happiness.


Ukrainians interviewed on city streets expressed sentiments that echoed the studies. Many spoke in glowing terms of the importance of their family and their friendships. Sergey, a coffee merchant, summed it up best: “Money comes and goes. It’s here today and gone tomorrow, but your family is always close.”