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What Not to Do or Say to a Russian Woman Online

13. November 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Rules of etiquette apply to the online dating arena just as they apply to traditional dating. If you say or do the wrong thing, you can end a potential relationship before it has a chance to blossom. Here are a few tips on things you should avoid saying or doing when first getting to know a Russian lady.


Don’t Talk about Russian Politics

Discussing the details of Russian politics too early in the relationship might make you look like a showoff. Besides, you don’t want to risk offending her if she has strong opinions about a certain subject. Only if she brings up these topics is it OK to talk about them. Otherwise, stick to trying to get to know who she is as a person rather than trying to impress her with how much you already know about her country.


Don’t Discuss Marriage Right Away

Occasionally, members of HotRussianBrides.com will complain that a certain Russian lady refused their proposal for marriage. What these members fail to understand is that the online dating process is one that takes time – the same way that a traditional relationship takes time. While matchmaking for the purpose of marriage is one of the goals of our service, marriage is still something that happens after a long courtship process. Expecting a Russian woman to marry after you have only known her for a short period of time is unrealistic.


Don’t Ask About Her Previous Relationships

Do you really want to know the details of her previous relationships anyway? As much as you might be curious, prying too much into this area of her life will not only expose you to bad thoughts and feelings, it also suggests to her that you are insecure. So don’t dwell on it.


Don’t Hound her if She Doesn’t Come Online

If a Russian lady tells you that she will be available to chat at a certain time and you don’t hear from her, don’t fret. Sending endless e-mails or subjecting her to an interrogation the next time she comes online shows that you care that she stood you up and screams to her that you are insecure. Accept the fact that she probably leads a busy life and got caught up doing something else. Don’t take it personally. Ignore it. Forget it. And keep talking to her like it never even happened.


These are just a few of the things you want to avoid talking about in the beginning stage of a relationship. While this might seem limiting, there is a wide-range of things you can discuss when first getting to know a Russian lady online. Just remember to keep it simple and take it slow.


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