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What Personality Type is Your Potential Hot Russian Bride?

5. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

According to seminar speaker Steve Oniki, each person falls under one of four personality types. In fact, he claims that you can categorize someone primarily by looking at things such as dress, mannerism, and even handshakes! In this article, I will attempt to expose these secrets.  Hopefully gentleman, these strategic methods will help you more accurately “size up” your new Russian lady!

The first personality type, number 1 is extremely competitive to the point where they won’t quit driving even when the road they are traveling turns out to be full of potholes! Make no doubt about it. A 1 loves to win. It doesn’t really matter how that happens. A 1 is satisfied whether they do it playing by the rules, or through finding that annoying exception buried in the sixth sentence on the fifth page of the eighth paragraph. I think you get the point! This desire shows in their dress, as they are known for wearing solid, dominant colors. Dominance is again displayed when a 1 tightly grips your hand during a shake.

The second personality type being a 2 is a bit less competitive than their predecessor. If nothing else, it is a good idea to keep a person with this personality type in your black-book. Why? A type 2 personality is known for their overwhelming cheerfulness. If you are bored, because nobody is dancing, a 2 is the person to approach, as they are happy to get the party started themselves. 2’s prefer colorful and flamboyant prints on their clothing, and of course are known as the “social butterflies.” A 2 will shake your hand in a rhythmical up and down motion.

While a 2 is “the life of the party,” a 3 is thought to be the most caring and tender of the personality types. 3’s are so considerate; you just have to like them! They are sensitive to your feelings, and are appreciative when you are sensitive to theirs. If you are having a bad day, you are likely to get the most empathy by calling a 3. They are the least competitive of the personality types. 3’s enjoy wearing casual loose clothing, most likely finding more dressy attire as being “too stuffy.”  They do the “fish handshake,” shaking your hand, in a soft non-offensive manner.

Lastly, the fourth type of personality is almost as competitive as a 1. A 4 does not like to be wrong. While a 1 doesn’t like to be wrong either, a 1 doesn’t care too much about being right. (Remember, it’s all about finding that favorite fine print exception with a 1. Winning is winning no matter how it’s done.) While a 4 loathes being wrong, they find it unnecessary, improper, and altogether uncouth to attempt winning through loopholes. When you walk into a 4’s house, nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing is out of place! Want to play a fun trick on a 4? Move the sponge two inches to the right or left, and walk away. Watch them later as they walk into the kitchen to put it back in the exact same location that they originally had it. But don’t upset your 4 partner too much if you want to avoid an audit from the IRS.  Instead, get a 4 on your good side, so that you can pass them your misfiled receipts and scattered accounting books when that dreadful month of April arrives. A 4’s clothes will usually be ironed and worn with all buttons in place. If one word appeals to them, it’s details. The more details, the more organized the better. You can easily tell a four as the person who barely touches your fingertips, while shaking your hand.

So gentleman, now you have the time tested tips and strategies on how to better access your new Russian woman, or anyone else for that matter. So, why are you still sitting at the computer? Aren’t you curious to fly to Russia just to shake your new Russian lady’s hand? On second thought, with all of the time and effort put into planning your big adventure, maybe you deserve a hug instead!