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What Steps Must Women Take to Join HRB?

12. March 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Most people assume that Western men and Ukrainian women join HRB the same way: by entering some basic information online and then creating a profile. However, this isn’t accurate. The women of HRB must complete an extensive validation policy before participating on the site. Here’s what that entails. 


Present Proof of Identity

When women register with an independent agency, they must first provide a government-issued form of picture ID such as a passport or driver’s license. Agency representatives will then make a copy of this identification to submit for review. Once a woman’s profile is ready for review, a rep from HRB will compare the lady’s identification photos, date of birth, and other data with the information listed on her profile. This helps us ensure there are no inconsistencies and that the women aren’t hiding behind fake identities. 


Record a Validation Video

At the same time, a woman must record a validation video in which she affirms that she is using the site of her own volition, that she will not accept money to participate on HRB, and that she will not request money or gifts from men. She must also sign an agreement outlining these rules. Women must submit a validation video and written agreement in order to publish a profile on HRB. 


We created this policy to combat common fears about Russian scammers and mail order bride frauds. Learn more about our anti-scam policies and procedures here or join HRB to start chatting with real Ukrainian women now.