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What Tourists Say about Ukrainian Hospitality

28. June 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Hosting EURO 2012 is the biggest event to have ever occurred in Ukraine, second to when the country celebrated its independence. Football fans from all over the world got to experience Ukrainian hospitality first hand and for many, for the first time. 


The Kyiv Post talked with some spectators about their experience and what they think of the people. 


"I think Ukraine has a very high intellectual level," said Jerald Tawson, a commodity broker from the United States. "You’re cultured and very homogeneous." 


Mahmud Yahiya, a journalist from Jordan, said, "We are having a good time here in Ukraine because the people are cheerful. Your shops are nice and the organization is great. In general, the mood is rather friendly. Actually, when we saw the game between Sweden and France [on June 19], although Ukraine was out, people were happy and singing 'Ukraina, Ukraina.' I think it’s great."


"The hospitality in your country is at a high level. It’s an amazing event and I’m very impressed to be here," said Andrei Moiseev, a manager from Russia. "You know, Ukrainian fans are very beautiful, especially the girls and the atmosphere during the games is fantastic."


Michael Ashby, a computer programmer from England, exclaimed, "It’s the first time I’ve been here in Ukraine and everything is great. The organization is good. The fans are good. The stadium is good. It’s an atmosphere. Even though Ukraine lost they were happy last night."


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