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What Do Ukrainian Ladies Want in a Man?

10. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

There are a number of qualities that Ukrainian ladies who seek love abroad are looking for in a man. Want to attract their attention? Gentlemen who cultivate these qualities in themselves have an advantage:


A Sense of Humor

In poll after poll, Ukrainian ladies say that a gentleman who can make her laugh has an edge. It’s also important for a gentleman to have a sense of humor about himself and be able to laugh at his own foibles. So, do not be afraid to crack a few (tasteful!) jokes in your messages and share the humorous parts of your personality.


Family-Oriented Attitude

If a gentleman is ready to settle down and raise a family, he are in exactly the right headspace for many Russian ladies. While not every single Ukrainian lady wants kids, many do, and having a family-oriented attitude will help. When looking at ladies’ profile, read to see what they say about this quality, and whether they have checked off that they have or want kids.


Chivalry and Manners

Ukrainian women love a man who knows how to treat a lady. A gentleman who is sincerely interested in conversations, polite in his interactions and kind to his lady is the right type for most Ukrainian ladies. When chatting or emailing with a Ukrainian lady, do not fire off questions or make demands. By making her feel comfortable, you increase your chances of having a love match.


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