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What You Can, and Cannot, Buy on HotRussianBrides.com

25. April 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Russian dating industry is that men can somehow buy women. They can’t. Though there was a time when men could purchase women for marriage, those days are long gone. Men who come to Hot Russian Brides expecting to buy women in any way, shape, or form are going to be very disappointed.

Things Men Can Buy on Hot Russian Brides

Membership Packages
Hot Russian Brides does not push a “one size fits all” membership plan. We instead offer four different monthly memberships - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Premium members (Silver, Gold, Platinum) enjoy credit and chat discounts and a set number of free introduction and follow-up emails.

Credits are the currency of Hot Russian Brides. Men use credits to email the ladies, participate in instant chat or live video streaming, watch introduction videos, send virtual cards, and more. We offer four different credit packages.

Members of HRB can purchase a gift for a special lady via the Hot Russian Brides gift shop. Members can choose from flowers, perfume, candy, jewelry, English lessons, and more. We occasionally offer seasonal gifts like Easter baskets.

Things Men Cannot Buy on Hot Russian Brides

A Bride
Unlike the 1800s, men cannot point to a woman in a catalog and have her shipped to his door. It just doesn’t work that way anymore. The money men spend on HRB is for communication only (emails, video chat, instant messaging, etc.). Traditional mail order brides no longer exist.

A Woman’s Time and Attention
Some people get the idea that the women on Russian bride sites are obligated to behave a certain way, likely because Western men pay to use such sites and Russian women do not. This isn’t the case. Hot Russian Brides is not an adult chat room or 1-900 service. A member may spend money to chat with a lady but he is not buying her time or attention. In a way, HRB is like ladies’ night at a bar. You wouldn’t stroll into such an establishment and expect the women to spend time with you or feign interest simply because you paid a cover charge and they did not. Similarly, the membership fees of HRB do not mean the ladies must return every message, chat on demand, or reciprocate interest. 

Don’t be fooled by mail order bride myths and stereotypes. Despite its name, Hot Russian Brides is not a one-stop bride shop. It’s just another form of niche dating.