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What a Russian Lady Means When She Says…

15. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

There are always certain words that a Russian lady – or any lady, for that matter – might say to convey a much larger message. Picking up on the message behind the message becomes easier the more you interact Russian women. Here are five common questions and statements women make and an analysis of the real meaning behind them.

Do I look fat?

For most guys, it probably goes without saying that you never never never answer a question like this in the affirmative. Here, she is fishing for a compliment, for she may feel insecure about how she looks. Feel free to tell her just how gorgeous she is. Sincere praise of the way she looks will score you a lot of points.

Are you dating anyone right now?

This question is possibly the clearest sign she can send to show you she’s interested in you. She wants to know if she has any competition for your affections. If she is indeed the one you like, tell her you are not interested in any other women and work on pursuing a steady relationship with her.

What do you think of that girl?

It’s always best to avoid talking about other girls with a lady you like. But in the event that you slip up and start yammering on about someone – either someone you know or someone well-known – she might think you are more interested in that person. She may be jealous or suspect that you feel that she is an inadequate partner for you. Put her mind at ease and tell her that no other girl interests you as much as your beautiful Russian bride.

Let’s Just be Friends

If you hear something like this, it means she is not interested in you. Period. For whatever reason, she may not be willing to cut things off right away. But to be sure, she’s not interested in a romantic relationship. In this situation, all you can do is move on to any number of the other Russian ladies who have caught your interest.

How Have You Been?

If you haven’t talked to her in a while, she’s wondering why. She also may be angry or frustrated that you haven’t communicated with her in a while. She wants to know if there is still potential for a relationship to develop. If you truly are interested in her, make it a point to talk to her more. Otherwise, let her down easy and put a definitive end to the relationship now.

Whether you are exchanging messages via video chat, e-mail or in person, keep in mind that there is often more behind any line a woman writes or word that she says than she actually lets on. The more women you interact with on HotRussianBrides.com, the more you will be able to pick up on these subtleties. So get started and send some message to some Russian ladies.