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What are “realistic expectations” in Russian Dating?

9. July 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

A few of our customers have asked us to clarify some of the different things we have said on our Website – We have some of the most stunning Ukrainian women and Russian girls on our site, but on our Blog, we also advise gentlemen to have realistic expectations regarding their use of our service. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Different people are attracted to different things. We have some of the most beautiful Russian ladies in the world on our site, but we feel that every lady on the site is attractive in her own unique way. Not every gentleman who uses our Russian Dating Service is going to be attracted to every lady and vice versa, we don’t expect our members to compromise who they are or who they are attracted to, just to understand that not every lady they are attracted to is going to be attracted in kind, and that they don’t have to feel bad or make apologies to any lady that they don’t feel the same way about, either. 

Age Differences between Western Men and Russian Ladies

We have spoken about age differences in couples quite a lot on the past – normally each couple decides for themselves what is “appropriate”. Some Russian girls will be much more open about dating an older or younger man than others will, and so will Western gentlemen. In practice, a 5-10 year gap between two people is normal, but as age can be much less of a taboo for Russian ladies than it can be for Western ladies, it depends on the preferences of each individual. 

Russian Dating Vs. Falling in Love with a Picture

The important thing to keep in mind with Russian Dating is that you should approach it much in the same way that you would dating locally – while you may be attracted to a lady and she certainly may be attracted back, a relationship can’t just be based off of this. You need concurrent interests, values and expectations. Every relationship requires adjustment, but it’s unfair to expect a lady to change her personality or throw away her hopes for the future for you. Make sure that when you develop a relationship with a Russian lady that you are falling for her and not just a picture on a website.