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What can I do about invalid characters in my Hot Russian Brides email?

24. November 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

When sending an email, you may be met with the error message “Invalid Characters in Email”. This can have a couple of different causes, depending on the situation. Here are some tips that can help you avoid this issue and make sure your email gets to your chosen lady quickly and effectively!

Typing to Women in Russian

While obviously our ladies are fluent in Russian, it has come to our attention that some of our members are also either fluent in Russian or have decided to start learning Russian. While this is admirable and a great way to overcome many of the cultural hurdles which couples may encounter, currently our system is set up to provide communication in English only. While the email system will sometimes allow Cyrillic Russian and Ukrainian characters to pass through, their use can cause some unforeseen issues including emails being cut off, not being visible at the other side, emails that are shorter than the 3800 characters you are supposed to get and other problems. We provide translation services in the cost of email, so even if the Russian Lady of your dreams doesn’t speak much English yet, we can still provide you with the ability to communicate, no Cyrillic necessary!

Composing Emails to Ukraine Women in Word Processors

It’s a great idea to compose your email in an outside word processor first, as this allows you to take advantage of the tools built into them, such as Spell Check, to compose and create the perfect email. Many of our members do this, then simply copy from the word processor and paste it into an email. There are occasionally issues that arise from going through this process, though. Some of the more advanced word processors have a great deal of characters and features not normally supported by web sites. This can cause the email to be flagged as containing “invalid characters”, even if the character in question looks perfectly normal inside of the word processor. The easiest way to avoid this issue is to simply add an extra step after composing the email. After you’re done adding the finishing touches you can copy the text, load up Microsoft Notepad (if you’re running Windows) and paste the whole thing in there. After it’s in, select all the text from Microsoft Notepad and copy it again. Microsoft Notepad is what’s known as a “simple text editor”, so dropping your email in there will cause all of the characters which might stop your email from being received to be stripped out. After going through that process, the next step is to paste the newly copies email from Notepad into the Email editor on our site.

Please remember that if you are having trouble sending the text still, you can always forward the text over to us (in the original format you are composing it in) and we will be happy to strip out any invalid characters or formatting from it for you.

Accents marks are the enemy!

As in the English language, we have started adopting terms from other languages, like “café” and “chauffeur” from the French language or “kindergarten” and “zeitgeist” from German; we tend to keep some of the eccentricities that come along with the words. For example the word “café” has an accent over it. This can cause issues with some email systems, so we recommend leaving the accent off, i.e. “cafe” over “café”.