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What can Miami Social teach me about dating Hot Russian Brides?

25. September 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

George French and Lina Fidler from Bravo's Miami Social

Miami Social finished its first season run on August 18th with an enormous blow-out fight between Miami Social Circle member George and his hot Russian girlfriend Lina. Stemming from various conflicts that took place throughout the show, George and Lina’s battle almost reads like a step-by-step guide on what to do, or what not to do when dating.


1. Trust each other – Trust is important for every relationship and George and Lina’s relationship lacked it severely. From the beginning of the show, when Lina disappeared off to France while telling him that she was off to a business trip in New York, to George’s late night club escapades, both George and Lina seemed to prize their secret lives more than the relationship. Trust is a huge element in any relationship, especially on Hot Russian Brides, where a computer screen and thousands of miles can separate two people.


2. Communicate with each other – Communication will always be the foundation that successful relationships are built on. Neither George nor Lina ever seemed too interested in talking to the other one, preferring to shout and even more passive-aggressive acts, such as Lina attacking George’s clothes with scissors after a fight. Compare that to the much more stable and healthy relationship between couple Hardy and Trixia who celebrated their six year anniversary at the end of the season. Despite the occasional argument and a major difference of opinions over marriage and family, Hardy and Trixia’s relationship remained strong due to the communication between the two.


3. Leave your hang-ups at home - One of the biggest stumbling blocks in George and Lina's relationship was the fact that he was obviously never completely over his ex girlfriend Sorah. He still lived in an apartment that he co-owned with Sorah, still talked to Sorah almost daily and frequently used her and her new boyfriend Gonzalo as a shoulder to cry on when his current relationship was on the skids. One of the biggest mistakes that men make early on in their relationships is to talk or complain way too much about their exes. Women generally dislike the idea that their man may have another woman on his mind, even if the thoughts are negative, this still indicates that the other woman is still a very real and very definite part of his life.


4. Quit with the wandering eyes - At the beginning of the season George was a notorious ladies' man and these traits continued into his committed relationships. Whenever things with Lina hit a problem, his old habits started to arise again. His first instinct after every fight seemed to be to head out to one of South Beach's exclusive nightclubs and start chatting up other women. This is not the type of behavior that solidifies a healthy relationship. Ladies, whether Russian or otherwise, don't like men with wandering eyes and sleazy grins and this leads to a great deal of mistrust and tension.


George French and Lina Fidler from Bravo's Miami Social

5. Slow down – George and Lina jumped into living together incredibly quickly, with her moving into George’s apartment and his life almost overnight. While two people can definitely care about each other to make an arrangement like that work, the fact is that love grows and develops at its own pace. Two people rarely know they are compatible after a few dates and especially not after exchanging a few emails online. Couples who allow love to develop over time and get to know each other have a much better rate of success than others who jump the gun after only a little communication.


George and Lina’s relationship finally culminated in a chaotic breakup behind-the-scenes but by learning from the example shown, we can all understand how to date smartly. All of these tips can definitely be put to good use when communicating with the ladies on Hot Russian Brides.