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How do Russian Brides Feel about Dating Older Men?

24. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

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Many of our members ask us about acceptable age differences between themselves and their prospective Russian bride. It is true that for most Russian ladies, dating and marrying an older gentleman is acceptable and sometimes preferable to a man her own age or younger. We feel that with mutual compatibility, open communication and a willingness to cultivate the relationship – qualities which are necessary in ANY relationship, no matter what age you and your partner are – what can work is entirely up to you and the lady you’re interested in.


A major reason for Russian women’s interest in older men is simply the social demands placed upon Russian women.  A Russian woman typically finds herself under much more pressure to find a match, get married and start a family during her early twenties than women in Western countries. Men on the other hand are not subject to such expectations and usually do not start settling down until their early thirties or even later. Based only upon readiness to start a family, a more mature gentleman may already be a better match for a young Russian lady than a suitor her own age.


You must also consider that a young woman may be attracted to an older partner’s maturity, experience and stability. An older man is seen to have already survived his tumultuous youth; he is now ready to use his experience and knowledge to settle down and care for his future bride. This is certainly not true in every case, but this perception can inspire younger women to pursue an older man.


While Russian women do tend to be attracted to older men, this does not guarantee success in such a match.  Although younger women do seem to care less about age differences (perhaps even stating that “age is only a number”) and Russian women are perceived to be more emotionally and intellectually mature at a younger age, they may not yet have the life experience necessary to realize the obstacles that come with pursuing an older gentleman. It is important to discuss your feelings about this topic with your prospective partner so that you will both have reasonable expectations for the relationship.


So, does this mean that you have a better or worse chance if you set your sights on a younger woman? No, not necessarily. Relationships that involve a significant difference in age come with their own challenges and obstacles, just like any other relationship. However, just like any other relationship, they are more likely to flourish when they are based upon interpersonal compatibility, open and honest communication, trust and commitment to each other. 


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