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What do the Russian Ladies’ English Skill levels actually mean?

22. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

When communicating with the thousands of hot Kiev girls and Russian wives on our site, gentlemen may have a preference as to the English level of the ladies they are speaking to. Ukraine and Russia’s education systems are very influenced by the European system which promotes multi-lingual learning quite heavily, so you may not be surprised to see that many of the ladies on the site do speak some degree of English.


How can I tell the English skill level of potential Russian wives?

For those out there who are specific about the level of English they would prefer ladies they are interested in to speak, we have included an “English Skill Level” field in the Ladies’ profiles so they and their Russian Dating Service can specify just how well she can speak, read and write English. Below, we have listed the various levels and their descriptions:


Poor (Russian lady can only read/write with the help of a Dictionary)

Elementary (Speaks only a little, has limited vocabulary)

Intermediate (Able to correspond via email, struggles with live conversation) 

Proficient (Able to converse with little to no trouble) 

Fluent (Russian or Ukrainian bride speaks fluently, although speaks with an accent) 


Normally a Ukrainian lady will need to use the services of an interpreter through Intermediate level, although may want to occasionally consult at the higher levels of fluency too. The Russian dating agencies provide Interpretation services to any lady on the site who wishes to use them.


How to choose Russian beauties based on their English skill level.

If you would like to correspond only with ladies on our Russian dating site who are Fluent in English, you can always take advantage of our Advanced Search option. Advanced Search for English Skill is available by following these steps:


1.       Log into your Russian dating account

2.       Click “Search” from the Top Navigation bar

3.       On the search page, specify the English skill level you wish to look for, along with any other variable important to you.

4.       Click “Search” at the bottom

Follow these steps and you will be able to search our system for Russian single women who have the level of English proficiency you are looking for. 

What if the Kiev bride I am talking to doesn’t have a strong grasp on English?

Don’t worry! HotRussianBrides.com provides our members the ability to purchase English lessons for their lady right through our Russian Dating Service’s gift shop. Just follow the Gift Shop Instructions and the lady’s Introductions agency will set up English classes to help improve your communication!