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What is Life Like in Ukraine?

3. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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While getting to know the beautiful Ukrainian women on HotRussianBrides.com, you probably often wonder what their daily life is like and how it differs from yours. Many women are able to communicate this to you, but if they don’t know what your life is like, it can be hard to actually explain and understand the differences. Here is a brief description of certain aspects of Ukrainian life that may be unknown to you.



Most households in Ukraine do not have clothes dryers. Articles of clothing are hung on lines outside to dry, usually on balconies since many people live in large high rise buildings. This presents a big challenge during the winter months since the below freezing temperatures may cause the clothing to never dry completely. Also, everything is ironed, including sheets, t-shirts, and even socks! Most homes do have modern washing machines with different settings and cycles. However, some Ukrainians still use the old Soviet style machines that involve pouring water into the washer, then draining it at the end of the wash cycle. Since there is no spin cycle, they also have to wring the clothes out by hand and proceed to hang them on the line.

Advertisement for the old Soviet washing machine


Food Shopping

There are several options for Ukrainians when it comes to buying groceries and household goods. The smaller towns have mostly small grocery stores and snack stands. The grocery stores have mainly staple foods and all of the items are behind a counter so a salesperson has to hand things over. The snack stands are popular and can be found on most street corners where small food items as well as cigarettes and alcohol are available.

Snack stand in Ukraine


Supermarkets are a newer option in many of the larger cities in Ukraine. Many of them require shoppers to leave their personal bags with attendants before shopping, and then receive them back when they’re finished. This practice prevents shoplifting. These stores usually feature a much larger selection, including delis, bakeries, and pharmacies. Some supermarkets have started to accept debit cards but most people still pay with cash.


A more fun and traditional Ukrainian shopping experience is at the marketplaces or bazaars. In addition to food and toiletries, there are also cosmetics, clothing, and many other specialty items. Fresh foods are often baked fresh and sold at the marketplace such as pyrizhky, which are rolls or buns stuffed with meat, potatoes, or cabbage. This shopping alternative is usually the most affordable.


Financial Institutions

Ukrainian banks are not only where people access their accounts, but they are also where everyone must go to pay their utility bills since they have to be paid in person. Also, households have to keep track of their usage on their own as they do not receive a print out or statement showing what they owe. They must monitor their water, gas, and/or electric meters, pay the appropriate amounts, and auditors visit homes periodically to make sure the figures match up. As mentioned before, debit cards are still fairly new, but are quickly becoming more popular since the banks and government are encouraging electronic transfers of paychecks.



While the number of Ukrainian drivers is increasing, being a car owner is still mostly considered a luxury rather than a necessity. Those that do buy prefer foreign cars and have to pay a high price due to large import taxes. Most people use public transportation like trains, buses, taxis, or the subway. Many others just prefer to walk, which is one reason why so many Ukrainian girls are in such great shape!


Men who strive to learn as much as they can about their Ukrainian bride’s life and culture are more likely to experience an easier and more enjoyable transition when bringing her to his country. These types of differences are topics that can be discussed well in advance so both parties will be more prepared. Merging different lives and cultures together is one of the most exciting things about international marriage. Encourage your favorite Ukrainian ladies to indulge your curiosities about their daily lives.