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What is an Intimacy Request and What Happens After I Submit One?

8. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many members of Hot Russian Brides have heard of the Intimacy Request, but aren’t sure what it means or what happens after a couple completes the Intimacy Request process. Here are the answers to those questions, and more.


What Is An Intimacy Request?

An Intimacy Request is essentially a request to exchange personal contact information with a woman. Despite its titillating name, members aren’t submitting a formal request to become “intimate” with a woman, they’re just taking the first step in moving their relationship forward. A gentleman must be a Qualified Member and IMBRA approved before he can submit an Intimacy Request.


What Happens After I Submit One?

So, what exactly happens after an Intimacy Request? Well, whatever you and a lady want. Once you’ve submitted an Intimacy Request and the lady has approved it, the two of you may exchange personal contact information and make plans to meet in person. You may also enjoy unfiltered chat on HRB. That means the two of you can share phone numbers, addresses, and social media info, as well as engage in adult chat.

Some couples leave Hot Russian Brides after they complete the Intimacy Request process, while others continue to take advantage of the site’s fun and unique features like live video streaming and onsite translators. Couples who have completed the Intimacy Request process can leave Hot Russian Brides at any time or continue to use the service as long as they want.

Pro tip: Ask a lady how she prefers to communicate before you submit an Intimacy Request instead of submitting the request and assuming she’ll leave HRB. Some men become upset after completing the Intimacy Request process only to discover their special lady can’t, or won’t, leave the site. There are benefits to staying, so you shouldn’t assume anything. Communication is critical at all points of the Russian dating relationship.


Now that you know what an Intimacy Request is and what happens after it, log on to Hot Russian Brides to find a special lady you want to send one to.