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What steps can I take when traveling to Ukraine to help ensure my safety?

30. July 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Traveling to meet a lady is always a BIG step to take, but never let that overwhelm or intimidate you! Traveling is one of the most exciting things about international dating, from the immersion in different cultures and the interesting and exotic locales to the thrill of meeting Russian and Ukrainian ladies for the first time.


Still, many of our Members have contacted us recently to ask what steps they can take to be safer when traveling – in general it is a good idea to do as much research as you can on this, as going to any unfamiliar environment unprepared is a very bad idea. Here are some of the suggestions for Gentlemen going to meet Russian brides for the first time!


Do your website preparation beforehand!

Before making the trip, in fact before even booking it, you should send the Ukrainian girl you are interested in an Intimacy Request. This will allow you and the lady to exchange contact information, trip plans and most importantly – will allow us to provide you with her Introduction agency’s contact information. The agency will be able to provide a great deal of support for you when making the trip, and even if you choose not to use their services, having the contact information for an agency is useful to have in case the alternative plans you make fall through.


Make sure you have the money for your trip!

Another benefit of using an agency’s services is that they can provide you with pricing upfront for the services they provide. It’s always important, when you make a trip, to know exactly how much you will need to spend and ensuring that you have the money to cover everything you will need for the trip.


But be careful with it!

One of the biggest “tells” that can show someone to be a tourist in Ukraine and Russia is flashing around large amounts of money. This is never a good idea anywhere; would you ride a subway in New York while flashing around a fistful of $100 bills? Then why would you do that on the Kiev Metro or a bus in Ukraine? Be discreet with your money and you will lessen your chances of ending up in a bad situation.


Many gentlemen do prefer to carry plastic. This may be a better idea in some cases, as while many of the stores and restaurants in Ukraine do not accept credit cards, more and more ATM machines that accept Visa and Master Cards are appearing.


Cell phones and communicating

It’s a good idea to have some sort of phone available to you at all times, whether if you rent a cell phone, or use your own phone and just buy an International plan for the period you are in Ukraine, the benefits of having the ability to call people are tremendous. You can keep in regular touch with people at home (ALWAYS a good thing), call your lady or agency contact if you need assistance and you will be much safer having one with you.


Staying Safe at Night

Some of the larger cities in Ukraine have some of the most fun and thrilling nightlife spots in Europe. If you’re into clubbing and dancing, this can be a great time and a good opportunity to have fun with your Russian lady. It is just as important to stay safe in these areas as any other. It’s best to avoid alcohol and all other intoxicants in these areas, and in any unfamiliar place, avoid being intoxicated in front of anyone who you do not know and stick to well-lit areas. Avoid anywhere off-the-beaten-path, especially after nightfall.