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What to Add to Your “Looking For” Section – And What to Leave Out

19. June 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

We’ve talked a lot about what to include in the “About Me” section of your Hot Russian Brides® profile. Another important tool for attracting the right lady for you is the “Looking For” portion of your profile. This part of your online dating profile not only lets ladies know what you are looking for, it can also reveal a lot about you. Our tips can help you make your message enticing while attracting specifically the kinds of ladies you want to meet.


Talk About the Qualities That Are Important to You

Think about the must-have qualities you want in the lady in your life. If you are, for instance, a religious gentleman who would like to meet a lady with compatible beliefs, your “Looking for” section is a good place to mention that. If travel is an important part of your life (as it is for many international daters), specifically seek someone who also wants that.


Avoid Negativity

Do not include any phrase that starts with the words “Do not contact me if…” or any equivalent to that. And, never complain about past romantic disappointment on your profile. While it can seem like a smart way to sidestep the sorts of potential matches you do not want, it can also be off-putting to some of the ladies who you do. Instead, make this section only about the qualities that you desire.


Skip the Generalities

Does anyone not want a partner with a sense of humor? The best profiles are quick, pithy reads, so, include only the information that is specific to you. It can help to write out everything you want, then go back, edit, and leave only the parts that add personality and distinction to your international dating profile.



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