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What to Expect on Your First Russian Bride Trip

6. December 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Even if you’ve been chatting with a Russian woman online for several months or more, meeting in person is a whole new ballgame. At least 50 members of HotRussianBrides.com travel to Russia and Ukraine each month. Many imagine that their romantic relationships will transition seamlessly when they are face to face with the ladies, but realistically, it can be more challenging at first.


Here are some issues that gentlemen often experience when meeting Russian brides in person.


She may be more reserved

Online dating makes it easier to express emotions. While your favorite lady may be incredibly flirty and loving through chats and emails, she may act more quiet and reserved during your visit. She will probably be very nervous and somewhat apprehensive, since she doesn’t have the safety of the computer screen. As long as you are patient and polite, she should warm up to you again in a few days.


You may not meet her family

Gentlemen know that once you meet the parents, you are likely involved in a serious relationship. Some guys are very eager to meet his lady’s family during his first visit, and while she may agree to this while chatting online, she may change her mind once you arrive. This might happen because she is embarrassed of her family’s home or living conditions or she just doesn’t feel safe exposing so much so soon.


She may have a busy schedule

Most Russian and Ukrainian brides have a full schedule consisting of work and school. While it would be ideal for you to visit when she can spend lots of time with you, it may not be possible. This is one reason why some gentlemen plan on meeting several ladies during a trip. You may also want to find some tourist attractions that you can enjoy during your alone time in between dates.


Some gentlemen often mistake these issues for signs that a Russian bride is not interested, but that is rarely the case. Many of the ladies, especially the younger ones, simply lack dating experience and it can take time to develop your offline relationship. Discuss your visit well in advance so you and the ladies can be better prepared and make the most of your vacation.