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What to Say in a First Message to Your Russian Bride

12. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

When you have found a lady you like enough to want to send her a message, it is likely that you might be overwhelmed with things you want to say and ask her. Conversely, you may not have the first idea of how to begin the conversation. The first e-mail is important, therefore you don’t want to say too much, too little, or say the wrong thing. Here are some tips that can help you capture her interest.

Keep it Short and Simple

A lady is much less likely to reply with a meaningful response if you send her a gigantic block of text to read through. Keep things short. A good general rule is to try to stick to less than 150 words in the first message. In this case, less truly is more. You’ll be giving her a little to work from as you both gradually strive to develop a rapport. In your later messages, you can get more into detail. But keep the first one simple.

Talk about a Mutual Interest

You should avoid jumping into heavily romantic talk this early. Instead, mention something that you like doing that she might have mentioned in her profile. For example, if her profile says that she enjoys traveling, mention an exciting trip that you may have taken, either abroad or domestically. The more specific you are, the better. 

Don’t Compliment Her on Her Looks... Yet

As much as you may be dying to tell her how exquisitely beautiful she is, you should avoid doing this before you have gotten to know her. She probably receives those kind of compliments frequently anyway, so the more she learns to like you, the more your compliments will mean to her later.

Write Clearly and Proofread

Before you send you message, read it over at least once and fix any misspellings, grammar mistakes, etc. Also avoid using internet abbreviations (i.e. “ur” in place of “you are”). An e-mail that is full of errors could not only make you look bad, but it could complicate the translation process.

Don’t Ask if She Wants to Meet

Take it slow. All relationships take time to develop, especially in the online arena. You should get to know a Russian woman in depth via online correspondence long before you start thinking about planning a trip to Russia or bringing her home to you.

Communicating with a beautiful Russian lady for the first time can be an exciting experience. Just remember to take it slow and put forth your best image through your words.