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What’s Wrong With Surprise Visits?

13. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Some men wonder why we discourage suitors from making unannounced visits to Russia or the Ukraine. After all, isn’t the whole purpose of HotRussianBrides to help Western gentlemen meet and marry Russian women? Yes, but a surprise visit isn’t always the best way for a gentleman to find a Russian bride. Here’s why.  

While a gentleman may think a surprise visit is romantic and adventurous, a lady may see things a little differently. The gentleman should ask himself how he would feel if a woman he’d met online showed up in his city without any warning. Confused? Annoyed? Freaked out? The ladies feel the same way. Just because a Ukrainian woman has a profile on an international dating site does not mean she can meet men on demand. Just like the Western gentlemen who court them, Russian ladies have school, family, and work obligations which lead to packed schedules. That’s why it’s important that a gentleman communicate with his lady and plan a trip around both schedules, not just his own.

Most gentlemen plan surprise visits because they want to be romantic, save time courting a lady, or both. However, a surprise visit can backfire if it makes a lady feel uncomfortable or if a lady is unavailable to meet her Western suitor. Men who are patient and considerate and take the time to plan a first visit have better luck than those who don’t.