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What’s Up with the Ladies’ Skimpy Clothing?

20. February 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Some men are perturbed by the skimpy clothing they see on HRB. While many members enjoy gazing at women in short skirts and revealing tops, others claim the women’s clothing (or lack thereof) is a form of “bait” designed to entice men into spending money and sending gifts. The truth, however, is far more complex. 


While some men assume Ukrainian women reserve their sexy outfits for international dating sites, this simply isn’t the case. Many Ukrainian women don sexy outfits wherever they go, including work, school, restaurants, and coffee shops. Rightly or wrongly, Ukrainian society expects women to look their absolute best, and the ladies work hard to live up to this ideal. 


“Young women wear high heels on almost all occasions and in almost all weather,” reads a recent article in the Kyiv Post. “Likewise, in Ukrainian culture, it is not unusual for a woman to display her cleavage, and/or breasts, and skirts are sometimes so short the women must cover themselves with their purse when they sit down.”


Wearing sexy clothes is simply a part of life for Ukrainian women, not something they reserve for Russian dating sites. Therefore, men shouldn’t assume revealing clothing is the sign of an insincere woman out to con money from Western men. 


However, that’s not to say the ladies of HRB don’t pull out all the stops to appeal to prospective matches. This might include a visit to the hair salon, enlisting the help of a stylist, hiring professional photographers, and choosing outfits that accentuate natural beauty and assets. While this might seem excessive, and potentially suspicious, the women are used to dressing up and naturally want the best chance of standing out in a sea of Ukrainian beauties. 


Though the ladies’ sexy clothing might seem shocking at first, gaining a better knowledge of Ukrainian culture and the women’s need to stand out can help put things in perspective. Plus, you can also pursue more modest ladies. Visit HRB now to start chatting with beautiful Ukrainian singles!