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What’s Wrong with Russian Men?

29. April 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

If you’re like most men on HRB, you’ve likely wondered what’s wrong with the men of Eastern Europe. After all, there must be something wrong or there wouldn’t be so many Russian and Ukrainian women searching for love abroad, right? Not necessarily…


A common stereotype about Russian men is that they’re abusive alcoholics or drunken deadbeats. However, it’s unfair and inaccurate to make such an assumption, just as it’s unfair and inaccurate to buy into negative stereotypes about Western men. While abusive alcoholics certainly exist in Russia, they’re not the norm and you should never assume a lady has joined HRB because the men in her country are terrible and defective. 


Women come to HRB for a variety of reasons – a sense of adventure, the chance to try something new, the opportunity to expand their dating pool and increase their chances of finding a match, etc. While some of the ladies on our site have been disappointed by Russian and Ukrainian men, their experiences do not mean that Eastern European men are bad. Nor do the ladies of HRB need saving, as some well-meaning men might believe. 


Unfortunately, many men and women on Russian dating sites are fooled by unflattering stereotypes. Depending on who you ask, Russian men are abusive alcoholics, American men are old perverts, Russian women are manipulative scammers, and Western women are fat shrews. Don’t fall for the myths. The best way to find a match on HRB is to come with an open mind and avoid assumptions about what Russian and Ukrainians are like and what brought the ladies to the site. If you're curious about something, ask!


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