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When Should I Meet Russian Brides In Person?

25. February 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Actually getting to meet the beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women you’ve been chatting with online is the greatest aspect of international dating. Traveling anywhere you’ve never been before is an amazing experience, but when you’re headed to meet your potential wife, you’re on the verge of a life changing journey!


Some men wonder if they are even ready to make the big trip and what things they should consider before they book that flight. Here are some supportive suggestions.


Prior to preparing your passport, you should have already built up some strong relationships with a few of your favorite ladies. How long should that take? It varies with every situation, with some men courting Russian women for several months, and others several years. Rushing into relationships is rarely a good idea, especially since international travel is costly and time consuming.


Another tip is to make sure you and your Russian brides are on the same page about meeting. The last thing you want to experience after this anxiously awaited trip is heartbreak and frustration. Once you're a Qualified Member, you can start submitting Intimacy Requests which let the ladies know you'd like to exchange personal contact information and start talking about meeting in person. 


Your next step is to decide if you’ll map out your journey all on your own, or welcome assistance from a Russian or Ukrainian dating agency. Some guys are savvy travelers and have no worries about doing it themselves. But for those that don’t speak the language and aren’t familiar with the cities, a translation service will help you feel more relaxed and have a more enjoyable, and affordable, time with the ladies. Taxi drivers are notorious for charging tourists higher rates, so having a local with you to help negotiate such fees will be a huge help. Also, the Russian girls often feel more comfortable having a local chaperone, like a translator, accompany them on first dates.


A dating agency can also help travelers meet more ladies. Sometimes couples may not feel the same connections as they did online, or some girls get stuck at work or school and are unable to meet at all. In these cases, the agency can organize new ladies to meet, which is much more secure than trying to pick up strangers off the street. Also, to be most effective in your journey, make sure your favorite Russian brides known about your travel plans. This may seem obvious, but guys often think it’s romantic to surprise her. Many girls do love surprises, but when you’ve never met before in person, it could seem creepy. Planning your first meeting will be romantic enough.


When you have your selection of Russian brides narrowed down and they’re excited to show you around their towns, then you’re ready to get packing for a Russian vacation! Your lone concern should be how you’ll meet so many sexy singles in such a small time!