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When Should I Meet a Russian Woman?

28. March 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Some men are so eager to meet a Russian woman, that they book a plane ticket right away (sometimes without telling the lady). Other men are so hesitant and nervous about meeting a lady, that they wait months and months before paying a visit (if they ever go at all). While happy unions have resulted from both methods of meeting, neither extreme is best.

So when is the best time to meet a Russian woman? Every situation is different, of course, but it’s generally best that a gentleman establish a basic relationship with a Russian lady before meeting in person (a process that usually takes at least a few weeks). Why? So that he knows he is traveling to meet a woman with whom he is at least somewhat compatible, a lady who possesses the general qualities he’s seeking in a mate and who has expressed an interest in knowing more about him. Men who travel to Ukraine to meet a lady they have chatted with only one or two times (if that) or those that fly to Eastern Europe to meet women on their own run a higher risk of striking out and wasting their time abroad.

In short, there is no set timeframe when it comes to meeting a Russian woman for the first time. Only a gentlemen and his special lady can determine when it’s best to meet face to face. However, couples who have established a basic relationship before meeting in person often have an easier time face to face than couples who are perfect strangers (or nearly so).

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