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When and How to Meet a Russian Lady in Person

6. January 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

There is no more thrilling aspect of the online dating process than meeting the lady you have corresponding with in person for the first time. Meeting a Russian woman in person is particularly fulfilling as there is much preparation that must go into both developing the relationship beforehand as well as planning the actual trip.


So how do you know when the time is right to meet? And when you know, how do you go about visiting your potential Russian bride?


Don’t Wait – But Don’t Go Too Soon Either

Timing is key in successfully planning to meet with a Russian lady. It is important that you get to know her thoroughly before even mentioning the subject of possibly meeting in person – as doing so will be a major step in taking the relationship to the next level as well as a major investment of time and money. You want to be certain that there is a strong mutual attraction between the two of you and a sense that you both already know each other on a deeply personal level. At the same time, waiting too long to meet in person risks having one or both parties lose interest in each other. Being that there is no exact required time that couples must wait before meeting offline, it is up to you to determine when the time is right.


Plan Your Trip Well

Planning of your trip to Russia or the Ukraine must be made carefully and with much attention to detail. It is especially essential when it comes to international dating as there is much more of an investment of time and money in a single trip than if you were meeting someone in your local area. You must determine what kind of assistance you will need not only for such essentials as lodging and transportation, but also for items like translation services to make your interactions go much smoother. When you begin the process of arranging your trip, our travel concierge and the lady’s local agency can assist you in making such arrangements. We recommend against trying to plan a trip on your own as it will be difficult to find the best places to stay, places to eat, etc. without knowledgeable assistance.


What to Do When You Want to Meet

As per our Terms of Use, only Qualified Members may seek to arrange an in-person meeting with the ladies on our site. That is – only those with a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership who have also used a minimum of 1,000 credits throughout the duration of their membership can make the request. If you are a Qualified Member, the first step you must take in order to begin coordinating a meeting with a lady is to submit an intimacy request to her. Once she accepts, our travel concierge can help you work with the lady’s local agency to coordinate your visit.

Timing and planning are the two most important elements of a first meeting with a Russian lady. When you are ready, HotRussianBrides.com offers services to conveniently guide you through the planning of your visit and – hopefully – the beginnings of a long-lasting relationship.


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