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When is the Optimal Time to Chat?

24. June 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Hot Russian Brunette

One of the great things about HRB is that there are always women available for chat. It doesn’t matter if it’s three in the afternoon or three in the morning, there will always be ladies online. Most men assume the women gravitate to weekend or early evening time slots (Russia or Ukraine time), but this isn’t necessarily the case. Due to busy schedules, some women can only log on late at night or early in the morning, while others are just night owls who keep untraditional hours. 


Time zone differences also play a big role in women’s around-the-clock availability. Russia alone has nine different time zones and women therefore log on at different times. The women of HRB also understand that the men come from many different time zones as well and will log on at all hours to chat with new potential matches. 


In short, if a man is open to chatting with a number of women, there’s really no “best time” to log on to HRB as there are always women online and ready to chat. However, if a man is interested in a particular woman there will naturally be limitations due to her schedule. The best way to get to know an intriguing woman via chat is to ask about her availability and then schedule chat dates, if possible.   


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