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Where Did My Lady Go?

11. February 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

On occasion, members of HotRussianBrides will establish rapport with a Russian woman from our service only to have her disappear from the site a few days, weeks, or months later. Naturally, gentlemen are curious about the whereabouts of a special day and want to know why she is no longer available on HotRussianBrides.com.


While we strive to make HotRussianBrides a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience, there will always be members who stop using the service. Some make this decision after losing a job or relocating to another city, while others may be busy with work or school. Some men and women may simply decide that HotRussianBrides isn’t a good fit or that international dating isn’t for them.


At times, gentlemen grow upset when a special lady disappears and demand to know her reason for leaving. While we may ask members why they have decided to stop using our service, we can’t force anyone to give us an answer or pressure anyone to remain on our site. If a lady decides that she cannot or does not wish to stay on HotRussianBrides.com, it is our duty to deactivate her profile to ensure that gentlemen do not attempt to contact her. We do not force the ladies to give us a reason for leaving or tell us where they will be out of respect for their privacy.


It’s certainly disappointing when an online love interest disappears from a dating website, but it’s also a normal part of the online dating experience. The best approach in this situation is to move on and focus on finding new ladies to chat with rather than dwelling on a disappearance or making demands.