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Where Do Hot Russian Brides Like to Go For Dates?

11. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

HotRussianBrides.com likes to help our male and female members understand each other more and make the online dating process easier. Our recent Match Up Survey covered a variety of topics and was taken by 3,054 members.


One question we asked, which gentlemen often wonder about Russian women, is what activity they prefer most for a date? Whether it’s your first time taking your favorite lady out, or you have been dating for some time, it’s important that you both enjoy your time together to help your relationship flourish. Fortunately, men and women mentioned the same activities most often.


Walk on the Beach (Women 37%, Men 44%)

One of the most overused online dating clichés is “I like long walks on the beach”, but it’s so commonly mentioned because so many people really do enjoy this activity. The sand, surf, and sunset all make a very romantic atmosphere so it’s no surprise that “Romantic walk on the beach at sunset” is the top date activity for both men and women.


Go Out to Dinner (Women 26%, Men 26%)

The second most popular choice is a dinner date. Everyone enjoys food and sharing your dining experiences with others is fun. Romantic dinner dates are especially enjoyable. Certain foods and beverages are aphrodisiacs, like oysters, truffles, caviar, and champagne.


Something Fun, like bowling or miniature golf (Women 12%, Men 18%)

Russian girls may seem serious and passionate all the time, but they like kicking back and having fun too! The third most popular date activity is doing something fun, like bowling or miniature golf. Entertainment centers in Russia and Ukraine have grown considerably over the years, giving couples plenty of places to play. Ladies are often very fond of billiards and can teach you how to play Russian Pyramid!


The remaining choices for date activities were:

Go Out to a Movie (Women 9%, Men 1%)

Picnic at the Park (Women 7%, Men 7%)

Go to a Nightclub/Bar (Women 5%, Men 1%)

Watch a Movie at Home (Women 4%, Men 2%)


It’s nice to know that Russian brides and their gentlemen suitors selected the same date activities as their favorites. This means that it should be easier for couples to decide how to spend time together and they’ll truly enjoy it. Ask your favorite lady which activities she prefers for your first date and see if her answers reflect these survey results.