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Where Do the Women of Hot Russian Brides Come From?

11. July 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many people are curious about where the women of HRB are from. Are they solely from Russia or Ukraine? Do they come from large cities or rural villages? How do they come to be members of the site? Here are the answers to those questions and more.


Due to the name of our site, many people assume the women of Hot Russian Brides come from Russia. However, while there are several Russian women on our site, the majority of women on HRB actually live in Ukraine. In the international dating industry, the term “Russian women” applies to all women from the Former Soviet Union, not just those living in Russia.


While many women on our site live in major cities like Kiev, Odessa, and Moscow, several others come from smaller cities and towns. The majority of women naturally come from large urban areas where there are more people and more introduction agencies. However, city girls hardly have a monopoly on our site.


As for how women come to members of Hot Russian Brides, the reasons and experiences vary. Many women hear good things via word of mouth and come to experience the fun for themselves. Others are curious about men and life abroad and join HRB to meet new people. Joining the site is as simple as walking into a local agency and completing the sign-up process. Some ladies do this with friends while others go at it alone.


In short, the women of HRB come from all over Russia and Ukraine, live in both big cities and small towns, and join the site for a variety of reasons. To narrow your search by location, head over to Hot Russian Brides’ Advanced Search page and then choose your preferred country or city. Good luck!