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Where do the Russian ladies photo-shoots come from?

12. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

As the Russian Brides on our website frequently post some of the most stunning and beautiful portraits of themselves, some of our customers have inquired about the origin of many of these pictures. While not all of the ladies on the site post professionally taken photographs, the vast majority does and we are often asked how the ladies can afford such well-taken photographs.

Many of our Russian dating agencies partner with local photography studios to provide the Russian and Ukrainian ladies that they work with low or no-cost access to photographers, hair stylists and makeup artists. An important thing to remember when looking at these pictures is that with only a couple of exceptions, the vast majority of the Ukrainian women that use our site have never modeled before. When you look at the pictures on our site, you are seeing a lady’s true personality reflected in her expressions, her choice of dress and the location.

In much of Eastern Europe and especially in Russian and Ukraine people take great pride in their appearance and their dedication to fashion and couture. All of the Ukraine ladies and Russian women on our site want to make the best first impression that they can, and so will take advantage of every opportunity they can to provide the best pictures possible for their profiles.