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Who is Chernobog?

31. August 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Chernobog, also sometimes referred to as Czernobog among other names, is a diety in Russian Folklore representing the night and darkness.

Chernobog is mysterious in the fact that there is not much surviving information about him; the only definitive historical mention of him came from the German Priest Helmold who wrote a record called “Chronica Slavorum” which was about the history and culture of the Slavs who resisted conversion to Christianity. Helmold mentions Slavs cursing “The Black God” Chernobog during feasts for misfortunes they had suffered.

As time has gone on, Slavic Folklore’s introduction into popular culture has allowed the vague legend of Chernobog to grow. The nonspecific nature of the God has allowed modern writers and artists to put their own spin on the nature of the diety, even speculating that a White God counterpart named Belobog may have existed. Sometimes he is depicted as a cursed and tormented character, while in other depictions including most famously Chernabog from Walt Disney’s Fantasia show him to be the devil himself.