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Who’s that Sexy Lady with the Tennis Racquet? Dinara Safina!

16. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

Young tennis star Dinara Mikhailovna Safina is a hot Russian born professional tennis player. She has won many championships, and as of Oct. 12, 2009 was ranked #1 on the WTA List. Earlier in her career, she won the doubles at the 2007 U.S. Open beating Nathalie Dechy. And she even won a Silver medal in the Olympics for the Woman’s Singles Match in 2008. Most recently she took second place at the 2009 French Open.

Like so many other men around the world, Safina’s brother Marat Safin who is also a professional tennis player has complete confidence in her ability saying, “She knows what to do. She’s a grown up. She’s a professional. She’s doing her job. She’s doing quite well,”

What Does This Sexy Lady Do in Her Spare Time?

In her spare time Dinara loves to eat chocolate and relax. FL gentlemen may occasionally catch a glimpse of this sexy Russian woman eating dinner on Miami’s South Beach. However, if you don’t see her, she is probably lying around in lingerie and channel surfing in her hotel room, as she told an interviewer that she sometimes spent up to 24 hours doing this on her days off.

What Does it All Mean?

Russian women are on fire even when it comes to their sports. And with Dinara Safina being so successful, it just goes to show that these ladies know how to “work it” on the playing courts.