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Why Are My Messages Filtered? Is My Communication Private?

14. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Members of HotRussianBrides.com are understandably concerned about their privacy. At times, they may express concern about our email filters and wonder if messages are truly private. Here are the answers to two common questions about the privacy of our service.


Why Does HotRussianBrides Filter Messages?

HotRussianBrides.com filters messages to prevent members (both male and female) from sending inappropriate content. Inappropriate content is any content deemed unacceptable by our Terms of Use. For example, personal contact information, sexually explicit material, vulgar or abusive language, etc. Though some gentlemen neglect to read, or even glance over, HotRussianBride.com’s Terms of Use they are still responsible for knowing what kind of content is acceptable and what content is not. 


So, Are My Emails Private?

Despite what some members fear, HotRussianBrides’ employees do not review each and every message.  That would be impossible (nor would we want to read everything couples send). We instead use an automatic email filter designed to flag messages containing inappropriate content. When a message is flagged, an employee of HotRussianBrides will review the text and either release the email, if necessary, or remove the offending content. This is the only time a third party will see a member’s mail unless otherwise requested. If a gentleman abides by the rules his communication will remain private.  


Is There a Way to Communicate Without Filters?

Once a gentleman has become a Qualified, IMBRA-approved member he may send an Intimacy Request to the lady of his choice. If she approves, the content restrictions no longer apply and a couple can exchange personal contact information, plan visits, and chat about whatever they want. Until a gentleman completes these steps, however, there is no way for a couple to chat without filters. We do this for the protection of our gentlemen as well as our ladies.

So, in summary, HotRussianBrides filters messages to keep inappropriate content from passing through. If a gentleman and his lady do not attempt to send inappropriate content, either purposely or by mistake, all communication will remain private. Once a couple has completed Intimacy Request process the filters are removed and the couple is free to do as they wish.