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Why Are Russian Brides Online All The Time?

18. November 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Skeptics of Russian dating think that the ladies are being paid to chat with gentlemen. One reason is because some of the same women are always online for many hours at a time. Are these girls just working shifts and stringing men along, with no real intentions of finding a match? No!


Everyone has hobbies, which can easily become obsessions. Some guys spend hours every day posting to online forums or playing online poker, and that’s really no different from hot Russian brides spending hours on their favorite activity of online dating. Meeting new, interesting men by way of email and instant messaging is exciting and still fairly new for most ladies. Just because they choose to spend their recreation time this way doesn’t make them scammers.


Also, internet dating is a whole different experience for Russian and Ukrainian women. Most of them travel to an introduction agency for access to computers and web cams. They often have friends who utilize the same agency so they are able to socialize as well. This is a complete contrast to how men experience online dating, which is more of a solo effort. Since women have the support of agency employees, translators, and other singles, they are comfortable spending more time online.


Some gentlemen forget that finding a life partner is the first priority for Russian women, so they take dating much more seriously than expected. While spending several hours online may seem sinister or suspicious, it’s actually standard procedure for ladies looking for love this way.