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Why Are Russian Women Seeking Foreign Husbands?

3. August 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Why are Russian women looking for love abroad? It’s a common question, but one on which few people can agree.

Thanks to common Russian dating stereotypes, many people believe Russian women have ulterior motives when it comes to looking for love on an international dating site. Many people believe that Russian women are only interested in foreign suitors because they want a green card or equivalent immigration papers, because Russian are abusive alcoholics, or because Eastern Europe is an awful place that most citizens can’t wait to escape. However, this is rarely true.

Every lady is a unique individual and therefore has different reasons for seeking love abroad. However, many women choose to join HotRussianBride.coms because they’re curious about Western men, interested in other countries and cultures, they haven’t had lucky in the traditional places, or a combination of the three.

Much like the gentlemen that court them, the ladies of Hot Russian Brides are adventurous souls who refuse to unnecessarily limit their search for love. It always pays to give ladies the benefit of the doubt rather than assuming they have an ulterior motive or requesting that they “prove” their sincerity about finding love.