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Why Are There Fees to Chat?

28. January 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Some members and critics of HotRussianBrides insist that chatting with Russian women should be free, or nearly so. After all, they argue, if instant message and video chat providers can provide their services for free why can't HotRussianBrides? The simple answer is this: we provide resources and equipment that mainstream services do not.

To chat with Western men online, the majority of women on HotRussianBrides need three things: a computer, access to the Internet, and a translator to assist with communication needs. To stream video online, a popular feature among gentlemen members, the ladies also need a web cam. HotRussianBrides.com provides local introduction agencies with all of these things, equipment and resources which cost a significant amount of money.

Yes, gentlemen could theoretically chat with Russian women using free email, instant message, or video chat service providers. However, if a lady is unable or unwilling to access a computer and the Internet, not to mention a web cam and free translators, than what use are the free services and how far would a Western man get with his wooing?

Though we are a business and must earn a profit to remain viable, HotRussianBrides must also cover a wide range of operating expenses to provide the level of service our members have come to expect. This includes chat expenses. These significant costs are why we charge members a competitive rate (one of the best in the industry) to chat with Russian women online.