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Why Are There So Many Russian Bride Scam Stories?

11. April 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many men want to know the deal with Russian bride scams. The web is full of horror tales and nearly everyone’s heard a first or second-hand story about a guy scammed by his Russian wife. Why are there so many scam stories? Is it even safe to join a Russian dating site? If you‘re worried about scams, here are a few things to keep in mind.   


Scams Happen, but You Can Avoid Them

It would be disingenuous to say Russian bride scams don’t exist. They do, even on sites that work hard to deter them. However, that doesn’t mean all Russian dating sites are a fraud or that Eastern European women are scammers. 


It’s important to note that thousands upon thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women look for love abroad. Hot Russian Brides alone has over 17,000  female members. Given the staggering number of women, it’s inevitable that some will be scammers. Thankfully, men can avoid these bad apples by following the cardinal rule of online dating – never send money to someone you don’t know – and choosing services that fight against scams.  


Not Every Scam Story is True

Not every scam story you hear or read online is true. In fact, many of them probably aren’t. Myths about the Russian dating industry are responsible for a lot of the horror stories and the industry's tarnished reputation.


Some men mistakenly believe Russian dating sites sell women or that members are guaranteed to find a wife. When things don’t work out, frustrated suitors often cry scam on blogs and forums. Other men have nasty breakups or fall for a woman who isn’t interested. Even though breakups and unrequited crushes are the norm in dating, these scenarios often lead to more scam accusations. Finally, when a Russian woman marries a Western man and the couple later divorces, people tend to assume she only married the man for money or a green card. In other words, a scam. However, international relationships aren’t immune to the challenges other couples face. In fact, they often face more; so it’s hardly a “scam” if things don’t work out.


In short, Russian dating scams are real, but they’re not as prevalent as one might think. Don't let a fear of scams keep you from finding your Russian or Ukrainian love match.