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Why Are the Ladies Online So Often?

31. January 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Some critics of HotRussianBrides suggest our service is a scam because many of the ladies are online for hours at a time. After all, they argue, why would a lady spend hours a day (and night) logged onto HotRussianBrides unless she was being paid? And why does she always seem to be online at the same time, like she’s working a shift? Like most accusations lodged against HotRussianBrides, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the ladies’ so-called scam behavior.


Our ladies are frequently online for the same reason our men are frequently online. They enjoy international dating! Meeting new and interesting singles from the around world is fun and exciting, and the ladies naturally want to devote a lot of time to this enjoyable hobby. The ladies also have friends who use HotRussianBrides and they enjoy socializing at our local introduction agencies. Does this make the women scammers? Of course not. They simply enjoy chatting with Western men and searching for love.


Especially skeptical gentlemen might ask why the ladies are online at the same time every day, like they’re working a shift. The answer is simple: the ladies have work and school schedules, like anyone else, and can only access HotRussianBrides at certain times during the day. For some ladies, free time falls into the wee hours of the night while other women can only access HotRussianBrides.com in the middle of the afternoon. The same is true of our gentlemen members (which is probably why they see the same ladies online all of the time). No one is working a shift, they are simply working HotRussianBrides into their daily routine.


Quite simply, the ladies are online often because they enjoy Russian dating and they’re online at similar times each day because they it is the only time their schedules allow. These are, in fact, the same reasons our male members are online often and at the same times. Before believing scam tales, it pays for members to give ladies the benefit of the doubt. After all, Russian women and Western men are not that different in their relationship wants and goals and how they go about making these dreams a reality.